Queer Oxford is a personal project, pursued on-and-off as my hobby since 2005. That said, I have always aimed to produce it to a high standard. I am extremely grateful to everyone who has helped me do this. They include JP Collins, Jenner Collins, Christopher Whalen, Melanie Faulkner-Barrett (Oxford City Council), Sally Latham and Dave Waller (Oxfordshire County Council), Dr Felicity Cooke and Dr Tristram Wyatt (University of Oxford Equality and Diversity Unit), Jo Rice (Education Dept, Ashmolean Museum), James Allen and Sarah Thomas (Bodleian Library), Jessica Rose and Miranda Rose (Daily Information Ltd), Clive Dellow (HALT), Dr Robin Darwall-Smith (Archivist, Magdalen College and University College), Sue Evans and Diana Hackett (New Theatre Oxford), Gordon Langford (Oxford Friend), Kayleigh Hellin (Oxford Playhouse), Mazz Image (Oxford Pride), Oxford University Archives, Oxfordshire Record Office, Margaret Draper and Stephen Rench (Oxfordshire Studies), Joshua Hall (THT Oxford), Neil Bartlett OBE, Rev. Canon Malcolm Boyd, Patrick Gale, Paul Gambaccini, Dr Evan Harris, Val McDermid, and Sir Ian McKellen.

Every effort has been made to obtain permission for use of images where appropriate. All other images are understood to be free from copyright restrictions. Please let me know if I have erred with any particular image. Archived advertisements from Daily Information reproduced by permission of Miranda Rose, Daily Information Ltd ( Front cover of Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh (first published by Chapman & Hall 1945, Penguin Classics 1999, film & TV tie-in 2008; copyright 1945 by Evelyn Waugh) reproduced by permission of Penguin Books Ltd. Images from New Theatre Oxford productions (posters, handbills, programmes) supplied by Images & Voices, Oxfordshire County Council; reproduced by permission of New Theatre Oxford, Live Nation (Venues) Ltd. Images from Oxford Playhouse productions (ticket, posters, handbills, programmes) supplied by Images & Voices, Oxfordshire County Council and Oxfordshire Record Office; reproduced by permission of Oxford Playhouse.

Queer Oxford continues to evolve. Please use the contact page to send any corrections, updates, and suggestions.